die Stromms is a ‘American Celtic Cow Punk’ artist based in Dallas, Texas. Combining elements of rock, punk, metal, folk, celtic and country music with a combination of electric and acoustic instrumentation to create an edgy, diverse sound. Lyrical landscapes that range from brooding, dark, introspective to allegorically and ironically diverse. The debut album ‘der Aufstieg Von Texas Keltisches Kuh Punk’ or roughly even arguably if not mis-translated “the rise of ‘insane’ celtic cow punk” is a sonic explosion of modern day folk fusion.

After many years of rocking along as a sideman for several bands, “Killer” decided to pack up his axe, shovel and pocket full of demos to start a new creative endeavor he could call his own. Armed with nothing but a roughly bad idea and a very poor understanding of the german language ‘Strömms’ was born. Strömms or ‘die Strömms’ is ‘Southern Celtic Cow Punk’ and their debut album ‘der Aufstieg von Texas Keltisches Kuh Punk’ is a shifting landscape of folk-punk- rock with influences ranging from Misfits, Ramones, Flogging Molly, Pogues and Violent Femmes to ZZ Top and John Denver.